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Teraz jest 24 mar 2018, o 02:19

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 want the actual churn fi 
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Dołączył(a): 27 wrz 2017, o 09:14
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Post want the actual churn fi
Right. Certainly, a lot of these bundled plans have helped them really grow their Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink Premium subscriber base, particularly these family plans, because any person that's a part of a family plan is included as a separate Premium user.

Lewis: Yeah. They might have one family plan with three, even up to six, people on the account, which would all count as Premium users for them. So, that might be something that warps an ARPU Nike Air Max 90 Dam Svart number, just because you have more users in that denominator. And that's something that management has been super open about and talked about plenty in the prospectus.

One number that's maybe most impressive to me in the prospectus is their churn. Nike Roshe Run Dam It's obvious to me that Spotify has put together a business that people love, and people are not leaving.

Niu: Right. They've put up some really good improvements with bringing churn down, which really helps their retention numbers. These are all related. Nike Air Odyssey Dámské In the statement, the filing, they note that while ARPU has come down as a result of them introducing these other products like family plans and student discounts, the natural effect is that ARPU is going to come down a little bit.

But the upside is, not only are they helping grow their service because they're getting more people Adidas Superstar Mujer Negras in, their retention of those products is really high. Overall, those products are helping them improve retention across Premium overall. And if you think about it, think about a cellphone family plan, the retention for those are really high, too, Adidas Superstar Mujer Rosa because it's a pain, it raises the switching costs, if you're trying to switch everyone over from one service to another. But, unlike cell plans, which are still mostly commoditized, Spotify is heavily personalized. Each person has their own very personal account. Nike Air Max 90 Dámské černé The more you use it, the more it knows you, the more personalized it is, and the more entrenched you become with it over time, because it understands your music preferences. Now, multiply that by four or six people in your entire family, and now it's a huge cost to switch an entire family plan to a completely different music streaming service that you have to get to know completely again, you have to retrain their algorithms and all that stuff. So, I think it's good for the business in that sense. It does bring down ARPU a little bit, but I think it's well worth the benefit Adidas Superstar Mujer of higher retention.

Lewis: Yeah, it keeps things sticky. And when you're talking about a product that costs $15 a month, you'd have to be saving a lot of money to overcome all of the painful switching costs that we mentioned. If you want the actual churn figure, it was 5.5% in 2017, down from 7.7% in 2015. So, less people are cancelling relative Adidas ZX Flux Mujer to the overall number of Premium subscribers out there.

Evan, looking over at the financials, I think the first place you start here is the top line. The growth has been pretty strong there. The company pulled in €4.1 billion in 2017, which Nike Air Max 90 Dam Rosa is up 39% year over year. When you look at the breakouts, it's pretty clear that this company is reliant on the Premium side of their business for most of their top line.

13 mar 2018, o 04:37
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